Award-winning movie director, Pascal Amanfo, has described some Christians as irresponsible through their desire to depend solely on anointing oil and men of God for prayers without knowing God personally.

He stated that, people just want to buy anointing oil; holy water and even soaps in the bid to wash clean without studying the word of God. ‘’I wonder what kind of Christianity we have in this day and age. It is irresponsible. People just want to sit in the pew and not study the word for themselves. They don’t have a relationship with God, they don’t understand who God is and it’s a problem.’’

He made these statements whiles reacting to a question on why he had a tattoo on his body despite being a man of God.
In his response, he mentioned that he had the tattoo way back in 2012 but was quick to add that, Ghanaians are more concerned about the outlook of people and judge them based on how they dress.

In his view, people do this due to lack of knowledge, their myopic understanding, and spiritual irresponsibility.
The Moviemaker turned Man of God, said, God is bigger than our mortal minds and how we perceive people. He went on further to challenge Ghanaians especially Christians, to read the word of God in order for them to have a better understanding.

Pascal Amanfo described himself as a die-hard-holiness preacher and said he does not prefer to judge people on how they dress or look like because God is the ultimate judge.
He was wondering why people would break laws in the bible and yet, pick on others for doing one thing or another.

He said God prefers using persons who have been saved from their evil ways because they are sincere as compared those who were born into Christian homes. ‘’God prefers using people with a broken past and have been healed. Those who are very religious, beware of them. People with a broken past are most sincere.’’

He said, God will look at the brokenness of people to transform hence there was no need for people to disgrace others because we were not saved by grace to disgrace others. In describing his work as a man of God, the director said he has always done ministry ever before he joined the movie industry.

He disclosed he feels more fulfilled doing God’s work and went on to say that people did not know him as a devoted Christian but only got to know him when he started making movies.

Pascal Amanfo said although there was a point in his life where he fell out with God, he made it a point in life to rededicate his life to God and he hasn’t for a moment regretted his decision.

Source – GhanaWeb


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