Singer Obaapa Christy didn’t take things lightly with Esaaba Haizel, a US-based Ghanaian gospel musician after the latter referred to her song “W’asue Me”, as a diss song. According to reports from, somewhere last week Esaaba Haizel in an interview with revealed that Obaapa Christy’s new jam titled “W’asue Me” is nothing but a diss song to her first husband, Pastor Love.

Per reports gathered, during the interview, Esaaba Haizel stated that, ace gospel musicians not excluding Obaapa Christy should set good examples so that the budding ones can emulate accordingly. Therefore, it hurts her when Obaapa Christy taking into consideration her reputation in the gospel music business has defied all odds to record a diss song.

The song in question “W’asue Me” talks about how God has saved her (Obaapa Christy) by carrying all her burdens and now, she’s totally free. However, Esaaba Haizel thinks that the burden Obaapa Christy is making reference to is nothing but her estranged husband, Pastor Love.

According to, after the publication, they received news that the management of Obaapa Christy not excluding herself didn’t take it lightly as sent messages to Esaaba Haizel’s facebook account to register their displeasure with uncouth words.

Per the screenshots posted on, management of Obaapa Christie warned Esaaba to stop the nonsense by talking ill about the trending vibe, “W’asue Me” because she isn’t blameless or Holy as she thinks. They further admonished her (Esaaba) to stay wise by minding her own business and other unprintable words.


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