The essence of life is not living for you but living a meaningful life to impact the lives of others. Irrespective of our differences as human beings, we compliment each other to bring out the best.
The tongue and teeth are of different shapes but with a collective effort and team work, food is taken into the stomach. It is with this that I can attest to the fact that it is undoubtedly true that Travis Green and Tim Godfrey are great gospel artistes.  “Nara” became a hit song not because they are both vocally good but partly because of their level of commitment towards each other. Their excellent team work and brotherhood has made them unique and exceptional.
To all gospel musicians, you are not in a competition with each other, irrespective of your individual strength and weaknesses a great alliance is formed when you support each other.
It is sometimes sad how gospel artistes enter into competition unaware at programmes all because they want to demonstrate their individual capabilities.
We are different branches but of the same Tree! Unity!

CREDIT – Zikay (Gospel2me)


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