Most of us want to make things better. If only we knew what we could do specifically to make the world a better place — for everyone. Like most challenges, it requires a mental stretching of one’s mind just to ponder the idea. Does anyone feel equipped to deal with a purpose like that? “Gee, I think I’ll have my coffee this morning, get dressed, and just go out into the world and make it better for everyone — yep, that’s what I’ll do.”

Who has that map? Where do you start? The desire is in each of us. We all want to see the end of war, starvation, poverty, political division, violence, etc. The list is endless. Look deep enough in your heart and accept the possibility that by changing one thought, one belief about a person or situation, your whole life will change. Start today by forgiving yourself for the past. Forgiveness is the path to freedom.

Spirit knows no limitation. “It” knows of ways that we know not. Rarely can we explain the wonders of life, how things happen, or why things happen. We say that we live in a perfect Universe. There is perfect balance and divine order. We have to believe this in order to make a difference, to have a purpose. Start by forgiving yourself and changing just one thought a day. Crazy Faith! Stubborn!



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