Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles AgyinAsare says ladies currently do not cry under the power of the Holy Spirit in church for the fear of messing up the makeup on their faces.

The respected man of God made the revelation on Joy FM’s Christian Programme “A Walk with Jesus”.

He said: “God is not there to tickle our emotions, we don’t go to church to get happy.

The word of God is there to rebuke, to exhort and to admonish. “And so you can go to church and the message will make you cry but these days some of our ladies their mascara is even too much that they can’t even cry.”

“They are too conscious, you see some people crying and with the way they even shed tears, you see it and you can’t help but wonder, what kind of tears is this?”

He further on stated that, if the Holy Ghost really touches you and you are wearing mascara you’ll still cry and all your make up will be messed up regardless.

Bishop AgyinAsare added that ladies should open up and cry when the need be.

Source – GhanaWeb


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