Willie Roi, may have gotten off lightly with some Zylofon signees been a thorn in their flesh, but things didn’t go in his favour with Gospel singer, Joyce Blessing, who has warned him to stay off her case.

After rumours surfaced on her supposed exit from Zylofon Music, Joyce Blessing, in a Facebooklive video came to clear the air on issues and warned Willie Roi to stop causing problems in the camp but rather promote the work of artistes.

In the video, Joyce Blessing explained how Willie Roi has in no way supported her career or her projects in the past or presently but would jump in quickly to run down her hard work when false reports popped up that she was leaving the label.

“I have not left Zylofon, I just have one problem and that is one old man with the label. In a home where there is an elder, he takes all the little ones as his children but this is not the case with this old man. “He is always causing confusion and will not find out when he hears an issue but will quickly draw conclusions with his unnecessary comments. “We were here when he did the same thing to the Bhim Nation boss but I want him to know that the Unbreakable team will not take that,” she said in her video.

Joyce Blessing went further on to explain that she found it strange that as one of the leading managers at Zylofon Music, Willie Roi had never promoted any of her works but was really quick to condemn her over a false report. “I have released a number of songs under the label but he has never shown interest by even asking about how they are doing. He doesn’t even know how I release and promote my works but what he is interested in is to confuse my fans. “I beg him, I’m doing my work and so if he has nothing to offer, them he can keep quiet and not confuse my fans with false claims,” she stated in her video.

Joyce Blessing vehemently denied leaving the label in her video also. “I haven’t said it anywhere that I’m leaving Zylofon. I have a four-year contract with Zylofon and it hasn’t ended and besides, it was NAM1 who signed me and he hasn’t come out to terminate it or ask me to leave the label.  “Even if I were to leave Zylofon, I don’t think I will use radio as the best medium to announce my departure,” Joyce noted.


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