Backbiters are those who speak evil against people behind them. These are people who voice out mean or spiteful things; these are people who wait for you to move out of their presence because they are not bold enough to tell you at your face, they say evil things out of your presence.

To be successful you need friends, but to be very successful, to climb higher you need enemies. Successful people have just few friends but many enemies because those enemies are so much envious of your current prosperity such that they want to do everything possible to distract you just to bring you down to nothing for another to take over your position. You need to know that with the kind of task you have been handed over to handle, lots of people are also in the same cue waiting for their turn to do that same job so if you are not steadfast and allow yourself to be distracted by those backbiters also known as the enemies, they will joyfully bring you down.

Backbiters are people who advertise you because it is their job to make sure you don’t relax in what you do or is doing, they are meant to say all sort or things, those that are true and not true all for you to work harder. If you call yourself a child of God without backbiters then you are a visionless, unproductive, unreliable, you have no character and therefore stand for nothing. It is a must to have one, Hannah was backbitten by her rival Peninnah, that made her prayed to the extent of being called a drunkard by priest Eli until her prayers were answered, 1SAMUEL 1:7-20.

The backbiters at work helped you decide to write a resignation letter, at church, you are being provoked by them and so you’ve announced your exit from church. Anything you do that makes some people hate you so much but between you and God that is the right thing you are doing, such people are backbiters telling you that you are too huge to be at this level, you need to do more.

Rather praise God and divert your quitting into asking for more strength and grace to see you through. Backbiters made Jesus aware that he has a specific task ahead so there is no time to rest. Satan also brought his own issue to Jesus after his forty days and forty nights fasting and prayers, but God overcame those temptations by Satan.

At every level of your life, you will have some specific backbiters to distract you before moving ahead, if you are able to win by not wasting your time on them to answer their unnecessary accusations and evil words, then you can move to the next stage, if not, then, you will still remain at that level till you pass their test.

May you overcome every level of manipulation from every backbiters sent by the enemies to destroy you, IN JESUS MIGHT NAME. AMEN

CREDIT – Suzan Lomotey


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